Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello! My name is Mr.Semaphore and we (me and some friends) are currently making the first issue of  Pico Props Magazine. It consists of different sections that features fashion, advice and a whole lot of other Pico related stuff.

I'm still in search of who I am going to feature on the front cover. So if you are interested or you have a cute/beautiful/stylish friend that you would like to recommend, please leave a message on my Ameba Pico room...
(you don't have to ring but if you do, thank you very much), at the shout box on the side of this page, or on our email address so that we can arrange a meetup on some nice area in Pico for a photoshoot (printscreen LOL).

Oh, and we also need help with our poll. The topic is "What can you say about flooders/spammers in pico?"(the people who type loooooooong non-sense characters that floods the chat box). You can leave a comment here or email us and we will include it in our magazine. (poll closed)

Thank you and hope you'll wait for our first issue! =)

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